We cater for every Wardrobe Management requirement from seasonal wardrobe storage to keeping your furs in cold storage so they're in perfect condition for you to wear and enjoy when the wheather begins to get colder again.

Our Travel Vault will allow you to trave hands-free and there is always space for another pair of shoes or gorgeous hand-bag in our Accessory Vault. 

Seasonal Vault

Seasonal Vault is a one-stop shop for year-round wardrobe storage solutions. From beachwear to knitwear, warm coats to kaftans, swimwear to ski suits it takes a lot of space to be chic every season. Seasonal Vault is a simple and efficient wardrobe rotation service which stores your surplus season-dependent items until the weather demands them.
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Virtual Vault

Put your wardrobe in the palm of your hand with our online cataloguing service that translates your physical fashion collateral into digital assets. Shop, style and sell your wardrobe using Virtual Vault a complete online catalogue of your wardrobe.
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Couture Vault

Store, protect and preserve your serious fashion assets with Couture Vault a tailored service designed to cater to the pristine maintenance and storage of both vintage and modern couture. Our in-house experts are trained to handle, preserve and store these unique and delicate works of art guaranteeing their life expectancy and helping you to get the most from your haute couture items.
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Travel Vault

The regular traveller’s must-have service - Travel Vault is a capsule wardrobe designed to keep you luggage-free wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Whether visiting regular destinations for work or pleasure Travel Vault will collect, catalogue, transport and return your items allowing you to focus on the purpose of your journey.
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Fur Vault

A complete fur storage and protection service, Fur Vault stores furs in prescriptive, climate controlled, museum quality conditions for their preservation and maintenance. The Fur Vault cold-store keeps your coats and natural fur items pristine throughout the year, delivering them back to you when they are needed without loss of value or appearance.
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Bridal Vault

A bespoke service for one of the most important dresses you will ever wear – guarantee the longevity of your Wedding Gown with Bridal Vault, a purpose built storage and maintenance solution service just for brides.
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Baby Vault

With the Baby Vault service you can let us protect those precious memories of infancy in our museum quality storage facility, from baby clothes to christening gifts we box your items accordingly tucking them away for the future.
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Accessory Vault

Whether it is an addiction to shoes or a penchant for handbags that is eating your storage space Accessory Vault has the answer. The ultimate solution to limited shoe space and crushed designer bags, Accessory Vault stores your shoes and handbags in museum quality conditions keeping them perfect for when you need them next.
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Sports Vault

Whether it is ski jackets and snowboards or snorkels and surfboards, sporting paraphernalia often requires a house of its own. Sports Vault provides that house, offering a complete storage service throughout the year for all of your large sporting items and clothing.
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