Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store with Vault?

From Couture dresses, to your oldest pair jeans, shoes, bags, and all your accessories; Vault stores every single one of the items in your wardrobe in a temperature controlled, museum like environment to ensure everything remains in pristine condition.

How much notice do I need to give to book a delivery or collection?

At Vault, we make sure that we provide our customers with same-day pick up and deliveries to keep your experience easy and stress free. Our experts will come to you and professionally pack your items for you, thus all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Who do I contact if I need help?

For any enquiries or extra information, feel free to email us at You can also call us on +44 (0) 20 8993 5212.

How do I know this vault is safe?

Your personal vault is constantly handled by a trustworthy team of individuals (in white lab coats and gloves), who work to ensure all of your items, are preserved and maintained in the best of conditions. We promise the highest quality of service, and would not dream of letting anything happen to what you have given us to take care of.

Can I sell some of my items using Vault? If so, how?

Yes you can, through your virtual vault you can add any of your items to the boutique site where they are available to be sold to anyone at a price which you determine.

Apart from dresses and heels, what service can you offer for my suits and ties?

Vault is a completely unisex service; everyone’s needs are catered for through Vault’s separate packages and capsules. Whatever your needs Vault has the wardrobe solution to suit your life, job, hobbies and family.

Will I get a stylist to help when sorting my cupboard and deciding looks?

We provide our customers with a personal stylist to help them de-clutter their cupboard of items they don’t need. When dressing up for the party tonight, you can choose to have a stylist to put together the best look and dress you up, ensuring you look perfect for the occasion.

What if I’m in a different country, can you help me get my clothes there?

All you have to do is select what items of clothing you want, and where you want it. Leave the rest to Vault, and by the time you check into your hotel and take the lift up to your room, your wardrobe will be set up and ready for you to enjoy.

How do I sign up to this service?

Go to our website, And everything’s right there ready for you to use!

How much does this service cost?

Each package differs in price; however for storage it would cost £4 per garment, per month.

Apart from storage, what other services can you offer me?

We offer dry cleaning, and minor alterations for all your items to ensure that all of your items are in the best condition and fit perfectly. Alongside this, we provide international delivery to anywhere in the world, thus your luggage truly has wings.

I need a place to store my wedding dress, can you help me?

Yes of course, our team has been trained specially in storing and cleaning wedding dresses so not to worry, we’ll take care of your prized possession.

Is it possible to visit the Vault?

We keep the location of our Vault as anonymous as possible and do not allow visitors. However, on rare occasions we do make exceptions depending on the nature of your enquiry.

Can I store my wardrobe at Vault without having it catalogued?

Our service includes the cataloguing of your wardrobe. We do not store any garments or accessories that have not been catalogued for insurance reasons. In addition our whole wardrobe management solution is based on giving our clients direct access and a clear overview of their wardrobe inventory via their online virtual wardrobe account, which requires professional cataloguing.

Do you charge for deliveries and collections?

We charge for deliveries only, collections are free of charge. As a standard we include four free deliveries/collections in every annual storage contract. This allows our clients to rotate their stored wardrobe by season free of charge.

Do you supply hangers?

We supply hangers while your garments are stored at Vault. Our hangers can also be purchased along with our garment bags and clothes rails, if required.

Can I stop my storing contract at any time?

The standard minimum storage duration at Vault is three months. However, if you have a unique requirement, please speak to us; we will strive to assist you.

Is dry cleaning included in the storage fee?

Dry cleaning is not included in our service charge. We are happy to handle your dry cleaning requirements for a small administration fee. We do not accept any liability for your garments/accessories during the dry cleaning process.

Do you offer wardrobe management training for household staff?

We offer half and full day training sessions for household staff where we share all the knowledge, tips and tricks to keep your wardrobe organized and easy to navigate as well as how to hang or store garments/accessories correctly and make the most out of your wardrobe space.

Do you offer storage by the box?

We currently do not offer boxed storage, apart from our Baby Vault service. All garments at Vault Couture are stored individually and are hang or stored flat depending on garment size and type of material.

How can I pay for my Vault account?

Payment can be made monthly in advance by direct debit, quarterly or annually by BACS or credit card payment. Please discuss your payment preference with us.

I’m not exactly sure how many garments/accessories I have for collection. What if I have communicated more or less, will that be a problem?

We only need an approximate garment and accessory count so we can bring the right packing materials and ensure we use the correct size vehicle for transport.